Dr M Barekati has been providing maths tuition since 1989 at


every level from GCSE & under to University Degrees.


He started his degree level studies with Industrial Engineering and


awarded BSc.  He then realised his main passion is for maths and


commenced his postgraduate studies at Birmingham University,


awarded MSc and PhD in maths related subjects.


In 1989, he funded Maths Tuition Centre at Leeds and has been


providing maths tuition consistently since then.


He is well-known among the pupils in teaching maths topics clearly


and effectively producing excellent results.


It has been numerous occasions when his pupils said :


"Dr B you made maths very easy."


His students are usually awarded maths prizes. In 2012 and 2016, maths prizes awarded to 6th form students at Grammar School at Leeds, were his students.

Welcome to Maths  by

Dr B

"Math is easy providing taught properly"

 Dr. Barekati (MSc, BSc, PhD)

Mathematic Tuition

EST 1989

AS, A2,Further Maths,Degree Level

GCSE & Under

Address: 14 Glendower Park



LS16 8HA


Text/Tel: 0776 999 4012