Desiring top grade for your child? You should then go for best tutor.

If you don't find my work the best, you won't be charged at all.


There are two ways you can have my help with your maths:

1 - Providing tuition for you.

2 - Getting help from me when doing your homework


1- Providing tuition for you:

I have been providing maths tuition on pure maths, applied maths and statistics at AS, A2, Further maths, Degree levels, GCSE and under since 1989. My specialty is A Level maths.


My students believe I teach maths in easy way-enabling them to understand it readily-apply it comfortably, producing excellent results.


There are numerous letters of gratitude, received from my students- all available for your perusal.  The results they achieved, encouraged them to write:


"Nobody can be Dr B - Dr B is the best."


This hasn't been said by one, two or ten students.  It has been said by hundreds ones.


If you would like to have tuition- the best way is to send me a text, I will respond at once.

2- Getting help from me in doing your maths homework:


Are you stuck on your maths homework?


Don't Worry! You are in the right place.


Over many years of providing maths tuition, I noticed there are some frustrating times when students can not do their home work and no help in a real sense is around.  This motivated me to provide this service.

And how can I help you? It is simple.

You will e-mail the photograph of your maths question to or through your phone to 0776 999 4012. Please text me informing that you have sent a question.

I will answer your question in depth and e-mail it to you by 1.00 pm of the day after.

The answer would be so well explained that you would be very pleased.


The first time you use this service, it will be free of charge. Afterwards, I will make an arrangement with you - based on the amount of explanation required for the answer.

Welcome to Maths  by

Dr B

"Math is easy providing taught properly"

 Dr. Barekati (MSc, BSc, PhD)

Mathematic Tuition

EST 1989

AS, A2,Further Maths,Degree Level

GCSE & Under

Address: 14 Glendower Park



LS16 8HA


Text/Tel: 0776 999 4012